Working faster

To help you concentrate on the essential – namely, your music – Melodyne supports a variety of techniques for speeding up your workflow.

Keyboard shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts, you can switch tools, change the zoom level and perform a wide variety of other tasks. This can save you a great deal of rummaging around in menus and clicking with the mouse. Get to know the shortcuts!

You’ll find the current assignments laid out clearly on the Shortcuts page of Melodyne’s Preferences. You can change the assignments there, if you wish, and assign shortcuts to other commands you use frequently. For details, see the user manual.

Preferences and keyboard shortcuts


In some areas of the user interface, a double-click can save you a lot of time. For example, on the horizontal and vertical scroll bars, which sets the zoom level to encompass every note.

With the tools, the effect of double-clicking is to apply the maximum degree of correction. In the case of the Pitch Tool, it sets the deviation to 0 cents; with the Time Tool, the note snaps to the grid; and with most of the other tools, double-clicking applies instantly some “ideal” degree of correction. From there, you can make further adjustments by ear.


Right-clicking in various areas of the screen opens a context menu containing a selection of commands from the main menu relevant to the task in hand. As likely as not, the command you’re looking for will be included, sparing you a far longer journey with the mouse.