Local playback

While you are working with Melodyne, you will often want to solo (hear in isolation) the passage you are editing. To do this, start the playback in Melodyne rather than from the DAW. While the DAW remains stopped, the notes you are currently looking at will be played back in Melodyne.

Here is an overview of how to control this local playback:

  • If you double-click at any point in the Time Grid on the Note Editor background (1), local playback will commence from there and continue until you either double-click a second time or press the space bar.
  • With notes selected, if you hold down the Alt key and double-click, Melodyne will play through the passage from the first to the last selected note, then stop automatically
  • By dragging in the lower half of Melodyne’s Bar Ruler, you can set a cycle range, in which case local playback of the passage in question will repeat endlessly
  • If you hold down the Shift and Alt keys and double-click in the lower half of the ruler, the cycle range will be confined to the selected notes (2).

DAW playback is started in the manner prescribed by the DAW – usually by pressing the space bar. This will have no immediate effect on the DAW during local playback in Melodyne; it will simply bring this to a halt, but a further press of the space bar will start the DAW.

These and other playback conventions are described in detail in the reference section of the user manual.
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