Inside tip: Pitch Drift

With the Pitch Drift Tool, you can lessen a tendency for the Pitch Curve to drift up or down in the course of the note. This is done by “tipping” the Pitch Curve. Here is an example:

The setting 100 % corresponds to the original recording. In this case, the singer has let the Pitch Curve drift upwards in the course of a note. You can now either increase (in this illustration, that would be the setting 224 %) or decrease (e.g. -112 %) this tendency.
Visually, the need to tip the Pitch Curve is seldom as easy to recognize as in this example. Acoustically, however, you will realize – especially with vocals – that the effect of correcting the pitch drift is nearly always positive. It makes vocals more stable, controlled and sure-sounding – without acquiring even the slightest hint of artificial “over-perfection”.

The procedure you use might look like this: First select all the notes and correct their pitch drift with the help of the Correct Pitch Macro using a setting of almost 100 %. Do this before you begin work with the other pitch tools.

Details on pitch drift in the reference section:
Pitch modulation and drift