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Reference: the Melodyne reference manual in which all the functions are described in detail. In the table of contents, the topics are arranged by categories and ordered in such a way that each topic builds upon what has gone before – perfect if you want to “read your way into” Melodyne or look something up.

Training: a valuable library of texts and videos illustrating the practical use of Melodyne: tips for speeding up the workflow and making efficient use of the tools, important background information and a wealth of know-how on the entire production process – from the recording session to the final edit.

Topic filter: an alternative method of accessing the contents of the reference manual with additional tutorials. Here you can narrow the field to the topic you are searching for using the filters in the left-hand column – this is a neat way of rummaging around and helpful, too, if you prefer to follow the “Related Topics” links when perusing the manual rather than reading it through from beginning to end.

A clear initial overview of Melodyne is provided by the Introductory Guide (PDF).

For complete beginners, we recommend the First Steps films.