Masterclass video: Lead vocals explained

  • This film of the Melodyne Masterclass at the IMSTA FESTA Berlin 2017 provides valuable know-how on the application of Melodyne to lead vocals.

Melodyne product specialist Stefan Lindlahr discusses concrete situations drawn from day-to-day studio life and shows you how to recognize and deal with them: How can Melodyne’s display of a musical performance help me assess it musically? How do I decide where to intervene and where not? And how drastically? And how can I recognize and eliminate uncertain intonation, imprecise timing or blah delivery? These questions are answered with the help of practical examples. Also offered are suggestions regarding optimal workflow, important background information and crucial tips on musical editing (film duration: c. 53 minutes).


00:00 – Introduction
03:12 – Passion or perfection?
04:53 – The Melodyne workflow: the pitch curve and notes
08:30 – Learning from a good vocal take
10:24 – Separating notes to gain a better understanding of the vocals
13:27 – “Massaging” the pitch curve
16:13 – Finding the places that need editing
18:00 – Handling sibilants
20:25 – Finding the right point at which to separate notes
22:23 – Going too far, perhaps?
24:35 – Speeding up your workflow with keyboard shortcuts
28:28 – Making the singer sound less uncertain
29:29 – Changing timing within syllables
33:30 – More keyboard shortcuts
34:36 – Finding help
35:30 – Question and answers