Editing note separations

In this tour, you will learn how to split notes with the note separation tool as well as how to move and remove note separations.

Inserting, moving and removing note separations

Select the note separation tool from the toolbox or the context menu in the editing area.

By double-clicking within a note with the note separation tool, you can introduce a note separation and thereby slice the note in two.

Don’t be surprised if the resulting pair of notes move apart in pitch; this is because, as soon as the fission occurs, a new tonal center is calculated for each of the newly created notes, and the two tonal centers may differ from the tonal center the notes shared when they were one. In such cases, each therefore moves to a new vertical position based on its newly calculated pitch center.

You can move an existing note separation horizontally simply by dragging it with the note separation tool.

You can double-click a note separation to remove it.

If you select several notes and move a note separation, the note separations of the other selected notes will also be moved. If you double-click one of the note separations to remove it, the note separations of the other selected notes will also be removed.

If you have selected several notes that overlap, you can insert a note separation in the same place in all of them simultaneously as well as move or remove one.