This tour looks at Melodyne’s preferences property sheet, which governs fundamental aspects of the way the program operates.

Melodyne Plugin's preferences property sheet

In Melodyne Plugin, select Preferences from the Settings menu.

Melodyne Stand-Alone's preferences property sheet

In Melodyne Stand-Alone, select Preferences from the Program (Mac) or File (Windows) menu to open the preferences property sheet. This has two tabs.

The Settings tab offers the same options as Plugin, and regardless of whether you make your selections in Plugin or Stand-Alone, your choices apply to both implementations of the program.

An additional feature here, however, is the Saving check box: if the option is selected, before saving the audio file you have just been editing, Melodyne copies the original file, appending ‘backup’ to its file name. This will allow you to revert to the original later, should you so desire. Clear the check box if this feature is of no interest to you.

The Audio tab contains the following additional options:

Upper pane

Lower pane