Time-stretching, tempo and tempo matching

At the moment, there is no direct synchronization of time stretching, audio warp or musical mode editing between Cubase and Melodyne. If you wish to effect tempo changes in an audio event either using real-time time stretching or with the musical mode or audio warp quantization and editing functions, you should do so before you begin editing the event by means of ARA with Melodyne.

As soon as you add the Melodyne extension to an event, the musical mode functions, editing with the time stretching tool, and audio warp quantization are no longer available – unless, that is, you either remove Melodyne (in which case all your changes will be lost) or use either the “Bounce Selection” or “Render in Place” commands to create a new file that includes the results of your Melodyne editing.

Please note, however, that you can still at any time edit timing using Melodyne’s internal functions, which allow you to apply time stretching to individual notes or even passages consisting of multiple notes.

The functions shown here in Melodyne’s Tempo menu are not yet supported by Cubase and therefore have no effect.